Raw African Exfoliating Lip Polish

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Scent: Coconut Heaven

Coconut Heaven
Cotton Candy
Sweet Cherry
Vendor: Raw African

Raw African Exfoliating Lip Polish is a luxurious treatment designed to gently exfoliate and nourish your lips, leaving them soft, smooth, and rejuvenated. Infused with natural ingredients Like the Beeswax ,Sweet Almond Oil, Shea butter, Vit. E, Coconut oil, and Manuka , this lip polish helps to remove dead skin cells, revealing healthier-looking lips. The gentle exfoliation process also improves blood circulation, promoting natural lip color and fullness. Regular use of this lip polish will keep your lips looking and feeling their best, with a natural radiance that enhances your overall beauty. Treat your lips to the Raw African Exfoliating Lip Polish and experience the difference in texture and appearance

How To Use

Spread evenly on your lips. Use your finger to exfoliate away any dry or dead skin