Matriskin Serum GF/7 75ml

EGP 580
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Vendor: Matriskin

Serum concentrate with restructuring active ingredients. Firms and tightens the skin in the places that require intensive care, such as the upper arms, bust, abdomen, hips, buttocks, knees and thighs.

All skin types.

How To Use

Apply once daily on dry skin, previously well cleansed. Massage gently, particularly on sensitive areas.


• Palmitoyl Isoluecine: a lipo-aminoacid derived from the naturally occurring essential amino acid isoleucine that is known for its ability to support tissue repair and lift vital proteins on the skin
• Dexapanthenol: used in many topical products to promote healing of the skin
• Sodium Hyaluronate: can help your skin look youthful and supple