Pupa Milano Vamp! Mascara + Makeup Remover Kit

EGP 925
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Vendor: Pupa Milano

The volumizing mascara with a revolutionary look and formula. For thick, full and very full eyelashes. A spectacular false eyelash effect, without drawbacks. It is modular: you can create the desired effect passage after passage. Its texture is creamy and highly restorative. Its curved brush with soft and thick fibers allows a generous, immediate and uniform dosage.

Bi-Phase Makeup Remover  - Pupa's facial MAKE-UP REMOVER, thanks to its BI-PHASE composition, is ideal for removing resistant and waterproof makeup quickly and gently. The two-phase makeup remover is composed of two phases: an oily phase and an aqueous phase. When you shake the bottle, these two phases activate in turn and form an effective solution.