Palmer's Hair Silk Cream 50g

EGP 57
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Vendor: palmer's
To Get Silky And Soft Hair, Use Palmer's Hair Silk Riches With Proteins And Vitamins, Formulated With Care
How To Use

|Hair| Wet Hair. Massage A Quarter-Sized Amount Directly Into The Ends. Let Sit For 5-10 Minutes, Then Shampoo. To Reduce Frizz And Add Shine, Apply 3-4 Drops To Damp Hair. Dry As Usual. |Face| Squeeze Several Drops Onto A Cotton Ball. Apply To Face To Remove Makeup, Dirt And Oil. Rinse With Warm Water Then Gently Pat Dry. For Added Hydration, Apply Several Drops To Clean Skin And Lips. Use Daily. | See Additional Uses On Product Label. |