Garnier Grafic Strong Hold Hairspray 250ml

EGP 399
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Vendor: Garnier

This graphic Garnier hairspray protects against humidity, wind, pollution, and aggressive agents.

Garnier grafting is a barrier between our hair and the outside world, so even if you don't have a particular hairstyle, it is advisable to always apply hairspray before going out to protect yourself from external agents. This hairspray is suitable for all types of hairstyles and is great for creating an elaborate hairstyle and setting.

How To Use
  • To give the final touch, simply spray this product 30 cm away from the garment. 
  • To give volume, comb the hair, turn it upside down, and spray the hairspray from the roots to the ends.
  • To structure lock by lock, dispense from 5 cm away.
  • To eliminate it, a stroke of the brush will be more than enough.