Nivea Men Shaving Foam Deep 200ml

EGP 185
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Vendor: Nivea
• Anti-bacterial formula with black carbon
• Protects against skin inflammation, micro-cuts and irritations
• Reliable 48hours protection
• Prevents skin from drying out
• Effective razor glide with Ultra Glide Technology

NIVEA MEN DEEP Shaving Foam is a unique formula that protects your skin against bacteria and prevents it from drying out when shaving, leaving it feeling clean and comfortable.

Developed as an anti-bacterial formula with black carbon, NIVEA MEN DEEP Shaving Foam transforms from black to white and acts powerfully against bacteria to cleanse your skin while providing reliable 48hours antiperspirant protection.

NIVEA MEN DEEP Shaving Foam is powered with the Ultra Glide Technology to ensure a close, clean and extra comfortable shave while protecting your skin against inflammation and micro-cuts and irritation.

NIVEA MEN, it starts with you!
How To Use

To use Nivea Men Shaving Foam Deep, start by wetting your face with warm water to soften the beard hair. Shake the can well before dispensing a small amount of foam into your hand. Apply the foam to your face, massaging it gently in circular motions to create a thick and creamy lather. Make sure to cover all areas to be shaved with the foam. Then, proceed with shaving using a sharp razor, following the direction of hair growth. Rinse your razor frequently with water during the shaving process. After shaving, rinse your face thoroughly with water to remove any remaining foam. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel and follow up with an aftershave product if desired.