Rasasi Rasasi Khaltat Al Khassa Eau de Parfum 50ml

EGP 953
Vendor: Rasasi
Khaltat Al Khassa is a perfume that provides instant freshness and everlasting luxury. It is a very special blend of high quality agaroudh from India that creates an aura of mysticism and magic around the wearer. The mixture has been very precisely conceived and matured over a very long period of time to offer the exceptional aroma of oudh. The elegantly shaped bottle with its majestic cap, exclusive plastic box and colourful sleeve adds to the uniqueness and attractiveness of this product. Khaltat Al Khassa presents you the opportunity to indulge in the perfume that will provide instant recognition and recall fond memories. It will take you to the realm of sophistication with its irresistible, sumptuous and sensual notes of oudh

Top note- spices , bergamot

Middle note- Rose & Saffron

Base note- Amber, Sandalwood, Musk & Oud