Garnier Grafic Extra-Strong Hold Fixing Hairspray 250ml

EGP 399
Vendor: Garnier

This Garnier graphic hairspray features a new triple-action professional formula:

  •  Anti-humidity protects against frizz, and prevents hair from becoming electrified.
  •  Anti-wind, it protects from the wind that messes up and weighs down the hair.
  •  Anti-dry, protects against pollution and daily aggressions that can dry out the hair.

This hairspray is suitable for all types of hairstyles and is great for creating an elaborate hairstyle and setting.

How To Use

- To fix giving the "final touch": spray from a distance of 30 cm. 

- To give volume: spray at the base of the hair. For a more accentuated effect, spray upside down.

 - To fix strand by strand: spray from 5 cm away.